Month: May 2021

Month: May 2021

Save Elephant Mothers Alongside MEP

Please help Mara Elephant Project protect and save mothers and their babies. We’d like to share a story that just happened this past week that will resonate with mothers everywhere. The newly launched long-term monitoring team (LTM) during their first week at work monitoring the Greater Mara Ecosystem’s elephant families discovered a mother elephant with a serious injury. She had an arrowhead lodged in her left ear that looked painful and could be life threatening if it wasn’t immed… Continue reading.

MEP LTM Team Spots Injured Elephant

The launch of the Mara Elephant Project long-term monitoring (LTM) team has already proved successful during one of their first weeks out in the field in April. On April 21, while collecting data on a herd of elephants located in Mara North Conservancy (MNC), they noted a female elephant that had an arrowhead lodged in her left ear. A type of injury like this is important to treat because of the risk of infection. So, MEP called in Kenya Wildlife Service Vet Dr. Limo from the Sheldrick Wildl… Continue reading.

MEP is Once Again Deploying Drones

Mara Elephant Project has been developing our drone program since September 2012 when CEO Marc Goss bought a simple (unmanned aerial vehicle) UAV to test in the Mara. What he discovered was that when we flew it toward some elephants the effect was startling; the whole herd bunched up and ran away from the noise of the UAV. In just a short time UAV technology improved so fast that field use became a reality. Once deployed in the field, we discovered that drones were a cheap and effective tech… Continue reading.