Month: June 2021

Month: June 2021

LTM Team Sightings in MEP’s May Report

Mara Elephant Project was able to financially support (with a donation of fuel and helicopter hours) and participate in the Kenya Wildlife Service Mara 2021 aerial census. The event was launched by Patrick Omondi and very well-coordinated and handled by our colleague and local area scientist Stephen Ndambuki. Wilson Sairowua acted as a rear-seat observer while CEO Marc Goss acted as the front-seat observer with Riz Jiwa piloting the MEP leased helicopter (pictured left). We were assigned thre… Continue reading.

MEP Celebrates World Female Ranger Day

Mara Elephant Project is proud to celebrate the inaugural World Female Ranger Day. Today, we shine a spotlight on MEP’s four female rangers: Caren, Fancy, Gloria and Purity. These four Maasai women are deployed in two ranger teams of six in the Mau and Loita forest areas, respectively, increasing protection for the wildlife, communities and habitat. Caren has had an amazing journey at MEP, joining in October 2019 from a recruitment that took place in the Mau Forest. She’s been patrolling … Continue reading.

Fitz, His Herd & His Home Remain Protected Thanks to Angama Foundation’s Support

In 2019, the Angama Foundation granted Mara Elephant Project $26,000 for the protection of an elephant and their herd for three years through MEP’s approach of collaring, monitoring and data collection. The 20-year-old bull elephant, Fitz, was collared by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and MEP on August 20, 2019, in the Nyakweri Forest. Fitz, who resides in a herd of 60 elephants, was chosen based on a need to increase protection in his home, the Nyakweri Forest, and to help MEP and KWS range… Continue reading.