Month: May 2021

Month: May 2021

LTM Team Successes in MEP’s April Report

This month in the Mara, Mara Elephant Project experienced localized rainstorms, which means the Mara is wonderfully green and there is a lot of grass for both the wildlife and the Maasai cattle. However, it’s made patrolling certain areas of operations all that more difficult. Loita had exceptionally hard rains which made it challenging for our rangers to get in and out of the northern base. Long green grass photographed by the MEP LTM team in April. On April 22, MEP CEO Marc Goss was call… Continue reading.

Q1 2021 Supporter Report

The new year has gotten off to a good start in terms of donations and we’re building on the momentum of 2020 into our 10-year anniversary. Our direct mail campaign continues to be successful and thanks to donor support from over the holiday season, our monthly payment increased to $37,000. Overall, in the first quarter, Mara Elephant Project raised over $300,000 to support our 2021 operations. Thank you to Mary Love, Maxine Beige, Carolyn Sunny Shine, Gay Rogers, the Leslie L. Alexander Fou… Continue reading.

Q1 2021 Research & Tracking Report

The first quarter research and tracking report must start with highlighting the new additions to the Mara Elephant Project Research Department team. In January, we welcomed David Kimanzi (pictured left), a GIS specialist, that will be working closely with Wilson Sairowua and Dr. Jake Wall to collect new spatial layers, manage MEP’s EarthRanger platform, monitor all collared elephants, and produce cartographic and analytical outputs from our growing conservation datasets. Alongside Kimanzi j… Continue reading.