Month: June 2016

Month: June 2016

Colins KWS and Marc MEP Helicopter

MEP Protects All Wildlife

Though the Mara Elephant Project’s main mission is to protect the African elephants in the Mara, we always recognize the importance of other endangered keystone species that share our ecosystem. Today, none is more so important than the black rhinos that have populations dwindling to below 600 in Kenya according to Earth Watch Institute. That’s why on June 17 when MEP received a call from a Kenya Wildlife Service vet inside the Maasai Mara National Reserve that a black rhino was found wo… Continue reading.
Lewa Marathon

Safaricom LEWA Marathon

The 17th annual Safaricom Marathon is approaching this Saturday, June 25 and Mara Elephant Project is thrilled to be participating. This fundraising event will host 1,200 runners from over 20 different countries at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and is regarded as one of the toughest in the world; taking place mostly on a dirt path with Mount Kenya looming to the south. Organized by MEP partners Tusk Trust and Lewa Conservancy, we are proud to have 10 runners participating this year including… Continue reading.

Living With Zebras by Wilson Sairowua

Living With Zebras by Wilson Sairowua, Mara Elephant Project Field Administrator Animals have always played a huge part in human civilization. Work animals help us to grow, hunt and harvest food and in ancient times they were the primary means of transport. Sometimes though, people don’t just befriend animals or use them to help carry out tasks. Instead, they live with the creatures as one of their own, rather than as an owner. People have long kept pets as a form of companionship, ranging … Continue reading.