Month: April 2021

Month: April 2021

Meet MEP’s New Long-Term Monitoring Team

Mara Elephant Project is excited to announce the launch of our long-term monitoring (LTM) team in March to increase MEP’s research capacity under the direction of Dr. Jake Wall and Wilson Sairowua. This new team is tasked with gathering individual based sightings and re-identification of elephants across the Mara, and ground-based census of elephants along fixed routes within the conservancies and protected areas. The long-term monitoring of elephant populations is used to collect important… Continue reading.

Celebrating Chairman Colin Church in MEP’s March Report

Mara Elephant Project was sad to announce the passing of conservation giant Colin Church on the 16th of March (pictured left). Up until his death Colin was the chairman of MEP and a founding member of the organization. Colin was a pillar, mentor, and gentleman who did so much for so many. Colin’s passion for wildlife conservation came to the fore in the Aberdare National Park when he led the Rhino Ark with the enormous task of fencing and protecting the Water Tower and the endangered specie… Continue reading.

Elephants Use Less of African Habitat Than Available Mostly Due to Humans

In a new paper led by Mara Elephant Project’s Director of Research and Conservation Dr. Jake Wall, new research has found that while elephants can live almost anywhere in Africa, their range is restricted by the growing human footprint and the available protected areas. The study combined tracking data from several organizations, including MEP, and analyzed it in relation to satellite imagery and other spatial covariates, and found that more than 62 percent of Africa remains suitable habit… Continue reading.