Month: November 2016

Month: November 2016

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Meet MEP’s Newest Trustee: Beatrice Karanja

Mara Elephant Project is thrilled to announce the addition of Beatrice Karanja to MEP’s Board of Trustees. Beatrice is a strategic communications specialist with over 20 years of experience as a developmental communications professional covering the African continent with extensive experience in East, Central and Southern Africa. “I am truly at my best when I am in nature. We can learn so much from the natural world and it is always good to have that lens on as your self-awareness is als… Continue reading.
Marc and his Helicopter

MEP Helicopter Responds to HEC Injury The Mara Elephant Project deploys the Karen Blixen Camp, Ree Park Safari, Robinson R44 helicopter as an essential asset in MEP’s HEC Toolkit. It ensures that not only elephant lives are saved, but human lives as well, as was the case on November 11. MEP received a call from the Ol Odonyo Erinka Clinic in the Maasai Mara that a local cattle herder, Salankat Ol Pesi, came face-to-face with a herd of elephants while doing his job. He was thrown by one of the elepha… Continue reading.
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Elephant Poaching Results in Tourism Loss

An interesting article was recently published estimating the economic losses to tourism in African from the illegal killing of elephants. Read Entire Article Here The researchers figured out the overall cost for reducing poaching to a level that rendered elephant populations stable (that is, no growth but no decline) in areas with large elephant populations was estimated at $26.5 million annually across the 58 protected areas studied taking into account almost two-thirds of this cost ($16.9 … Continue reading.