Elephant Matters

Month: April 2019

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Mara Elephant Project deploys a total of 57 rangers in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in 2018 supported a permanent ranger unit in the Mau Forest, adding six new rangers to bring our formidable team to 57 total, a far cry from the eight rangers we started with in 2011. In addition, MEP employs three intelligence officers who have been at the center of many arrests and seizures. Since 2011, MEP and the Kenya Wildlife Service have arrested 354 total po… Continue reading.

MEP March 2019 Report

  The headline for the month of March was most definitely the fire in the Mau Forest. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) Mau De-Snaring Unit was first on the scene and first to report the fire and the MEP rapid response unit was sent in with over 50 fire beaters to combat the eight fires that were burning at one point in the middle of March. Kenya Forest Service (KFS) were critical in helping MEP contain everything at first and mother nature was luckily on our side with some rain coming… Continue reading.

Why We Marched by Marc Goss

    On April 13, over 4,000 people participated in the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos, Lions and Other Endangered Species in Nairobi, Kenya. Mara Elephant Project not only participated; we were one of the key sponsors for the event. Myself along with MEP rangers Moses Lekekwar and John Sakaja, Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua, Finance Officer Stanley Misoka, Administrator Elvis Saayoi and Trustee Moses Kamau marched to represent MEP. The MEP team ready to march on April 13. Ot… Continue reading.