Month: April 2019

Month: April 2019

MEP Q1 Supporter Update

In January, MEP CEO Marc Goss was featured in his alma mater Evergreen State University’s newsletter and we were pleased to celebrate World Wildlife Day on March 3 by publishing a blog about the Mau Forest to tie into the 2019 theme of protecting life below water. While protecting elephants in the Maasai Mara in Kenya seems like a world away from protecting life below water for both people and planet, MEP actually does a lot of work that ties directly into that. The Mau Forest is a forest c… Continue reading.

Research & Tracking Q1 Update

Mara Elephant Project is proud to present the first ever research and tracking report in the first quarter newsletter. This new section reflects the addition of Dr. Jake Wall as the MEP director of research and conservation on a full-time basis in January 2019. The research team, which also includes Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua, will update supporters on the activities of the collared elephants, the environment and their team. Dr. Wall spent the first part of 2019 refining MEP’s researc… Continue reading.

Ranger Q1 Update

In January there wasn’t a lot of rain in the Mara which meant there were very little crops in the fields; however, in the Mau, there is higher rainfall which leads to two harvest seasons and to start 2019 the fields had ripe maize crops in them which meant MEP rangers were responding to increased human-elephant conflict. Out of the total 38 incidents of human-elephant conflict in the first quarter, 10 were in the Mau and Olpusimoru area, six of those occurring in January. As a result, the … Continue reading.