Month: February 2017

Month: February 2017

Snared Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant Snared

In the early morning hours on February 11 Mara Elephant Project received a call from Alfred Bett, warden at Mara Conservancy, that there was a baby elephant in danger and they needed the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter to help with a rapid and safe response to the situation. The previous day, the baby elephant had been spotted by MEP board member and Mara Conservancy CEO Brian Heath. The young female elephant had a snare around her trunk, which is extremely life threatening for m… Continue reading.


In 1959 the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) was established and the Serengeti became the first national park. By 2014, TANAPA had grown to 16 national parks, covering approximately 57,024 square kilometers. The primary role of TANAPA is conservation. The 16 national parks, many of which form the core of a much larger protected ecosystem, have been set aside to preserve the country’s rich natural heritage and to provide secure breeding grounds where its fauna and flora can thri… Continue reading.
Dead Ele in Attacks

A Battlefield Opens Cropland for Elephants to Eat

Recently Mara Elephant Project’s collared elephants have been taking advantage of a tribe battle that’s as old as time. In the Kirindon area of the Transmara District in Narok County the Maasai and Kalenjin tribes have skirmishes involving spears, arrows and, more recently firearms, which have been occurring with more frequency since the end of 2016. During the most recent battle on December 5, people were killed in the Inkenye area, a favorite battleground owned by a Maasai family but fa… Continue reading.