Month: March 2018

Month: March 2018

IN THE NEWS: Canada Ivory Ban

  More than 125,000 people have signed a petition sent to the Canadian government asking for them to ban the sale of elephant ivory in the country. The petition was spearheaded by an avid Mara Elephant Project supporter, Canadian organization Elephanatics, and was followed up by a letter to the Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. This letter was signed by Canadian and international animal advocacy organizations including MEP and our core funder, the ESCAPE Foundation. Read… Continue reading.

MABINGWA/The Champions Launch

On March 14, Kenya was asked to stand up and acknowledge that the youth attitudes towards conservation and wildlife need to be addressed, but on their own terms. Mara Elephant Project’s core funder, the ESCAPE Foundation commissioned Well Told Story to gather data on youth attitudes toward wildlife and conservation in Kenya. The population of Kenya is growing at a rapid rate, and soon 80% of all Kenyans will be considered “youth,” meaning below 35 years old. Yet, no research had been co… Continue reading.

Meet MEP’s Newest Collared Elephant: Julia

We are delighted to announce the addition of Mara Elephant Project’s 21st actively collared elephant, Julia. Julia with two of her calves that returned safely to her side after the collaring. Julia is a breeding female that roams in the Loita and Shompole area with a large herd of other females (pictured right). This area has a high level of human-elephant conflict due to the placement of settlements, so it was not only essential to collect data on her herd’s movements, but also … Continue reading.