Elephant Matters

Month: December 2018

Photography Competition Announces Winner/Supports MEP

On December 6 in Nairobi, the Angama Foundation hosted all of the beneficiaries of the Greatest Maasai Mara photography competition and announced the winner of the 2018 contest. Congratulations to Anup Shahand their winning photograph ‘Escort.’ (below) Anup Shahand receiving his winnings.   The winner of the 10-month competition received $10,000 and a 5-night safari at the Angama Mara. The winner’s guide, Sammy Ngotho from Wild Eye Mara Camp, won a brand-new Suzuki Maruti Gypsy (p… Continue reading.

One Million Seed Balls Distributed By Wilson Sairowua

    An ambitious planting initiative was proposed by Mara Elephant Project partner, Seedballs Kenya, to distribute over one million seed balls in the Mara in one day! The proposal was generously funded by Diamond Trust Bank and MEP was asked to join as one of the key stakeholders of wildlife conservation in the greater Mara ecosystem and beyond.         https://vimeo.com/304437132 The goal of seed ball distribution in Kenya is to improve biodiversity and work ag… Continue reading.