Month: August 2018

Month: August 2018

TUSK Provides MEP Motorbikes For Fence Mapping

  Mara Elephant Project relies on funding partners like TUSK Trust to help support vital operations that fulfill MEP’s mission to protect elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem. In 2018, MEP was the recipient of a $50,000 grant from TUSK that went toward re-collaring Kegol (pictured left) and Caroline, two keystone elephants in the Mara ecosystem, and the purchase and maintenance of two motorbikes.   A MEP ranger on one of the two new motorbikes provided by funding fr… Continue reading.

MEP July 2018 Report

Mara Elephant Project just released the July report for 2018 that features the collaring of a new elephant in the southwestern portion of the Mau Forest, our second baby elephant helicopter rescue, more successes for the MEP intelligence unit and partnerships that continue to flourish. MEP Monthly Report July 2018   In July, we are proud to report that we collared a female elephant in the southwest portion of the Mau Forest. Bettye, our new elephant, is a female in a herd of five and is… Continue reading.

Mau Forest Elephant Collaring Operation

The Mau Forest complex covers 1,800 km2 in the eastern portion of Kenya. This forest is the water tower for the vital Mara River, Ewaso Ngiro, Sondu and Nyando and is critical habitat for over 600 elephants and the critically endangered mountain bongo antelope. Due to high levels of poaching and illegal logging, the elephants living in the Mau Forest complex are in danger. An illegal logging operation in the Mau Forest photographed from the air in the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helico… Continue reading.