Elephant Matters

MEP 2018 Annual Report by Marc Goss

As Mara Elephant Project officially ends our seventh year in operation, I reflect on how we’ve come such a long way from the shipping container and tent that used to be MEP’s headquarters. I’m amazed and proud of the continued donor support we receive, the success we continue to see on the ground by MEP, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Narok County Government (NCG) rangers, and the growth our organization has seen in 2018. 2018 Annual Report Our organization is successful because of ou… Continue reading.

Paradise International Foundation Supports MEP

The Paradise International Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on protecting prestigious lands and waters around the world. Led by co-chairmen Jack Ma, Pony Ma, and executive chairman Shen Guojun, Paradise commits to conserving and preserving important ecosystems on earth with a charitable intention, in a scientific approach all guided by business support. It’s with the intention of protecting key habitats that Paradise’s mission and objectives align with Mara Elephant Pro… Continue reading.

MEP May 2019 Report

Maize crops in the Munyas area are nearing harvest time and we have seen an increase in conflict in this area. The Munyas human-elephant conflict (HEC) team has been reacting to conflict in this area on a daily and nightly basis. A number of farms have already been destroyed (pictured left) and farmers have retaliated by shooting elephants with arrows. We have met this challenge by deploying this team at night to safely chase the crop-raiding herds before they enter too deep into the farms. … Continue reading.