Elephant Matters

MEP Rangers Working Hard & Need Your Support

Mara Elephant Project employs 38 rangers, including the C.E.O., in our patrol units who work tirelessly to protect elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem, one of Kenya’s most important ecosystems. MEP’s rangers are at the forefront of our anti-poaching operations and human-elephant conflict mitigation efforts through boots on the ground initiatives, living out in the field in mobile bases to protect key hotspot areas. MEP rangers alongside MEP patrol vehicles.  MEP staff respo… Continue reading.

Elephant Deaths on The Rise: MEP’s November Report

The second elephant carcass reported in the two-day period of September 14 and 15. In the last three months (September, October & November) there have been 26 elephant deaths (note Q3 numbers are not harmonized yet), which accounts for almost 42% of the total elephant deaths through Dec. 1 in all of 2018! While there will always be elephant deaths as a result of natural causes, five during this reporting period, what’s disturbing is the rise in “unknown” elephant deaths, 11 in this … Continue reading.

Photography Competition Announces Winner/Supports MEP

On December 6 in Nairobi, the Angama Foundation hosted all of the beneficiaries of the Greatest Maasai Mara photography competition and announced the winner of the 2018 contest. Congratulations to Anup Shahand their winning photograph ‘Escort.’ (below) Anup Shahand receiving his winnings.   The winner of the 10-month competition received $10,000 and a 5-night safari at the Angama Mara. The winner’s guide, Sammy Ngotho from Wild Eye Mara Camp, won a brand-new Suzuki Maruti Gypsy (p… Continue reading.