Elephant Matters

Protected: A Word About MEP Fundraising

Mara Elephant Project had significant contributions and plenty of good news to share to close out 2017. In October, an individual donor generously gave the full $26,000 amount to collar, monitor and collect data for three years on a critically endangered elephant in the Mau Forest. Since she contributed this full amount she was able to name the elephant “Nancy” after her sister who passed away. Nancy spotted in December with her herd of 60 in the Mau Forest. This would be a good time to … Continue reading.

Protected: A Letter from Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua

As always, Mara Elephant Project rangers were extremely busy in the fourth quarter of 2017 protecting elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem. We established a new rapid response unit in the Mau Forest, which is a critically endangered habitat, not only for elephants, but also the mountain bongo. The information collected by MEP rangers while on the ground confirmed a massive amount of illegal logging and poaching happening in the forest. One of the maps demonstrating the Mau Forest … Continue reading.

Protected: A Letter from MEP C.E.O. Marc Goss

In the last quarter of 2017 Mara Elephant Project took some significant steps toward protecting elephants in the critically endangered Mau Forest, part of the greater Mara ecosystem. There was a serious logging issue discovered in this forest with the help of our partners Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Narok County Government (NCG) and Kenya Forest Service (KFS) that needed to be addressed immediately in order to protect both the wildlife and habitat of this forest. MEP provided both aerial an… Continue reading.