Elephant Matters

Colin Church New MEP Chairman by CEO Marc Goss

After serving as chairman of the Mara Elephant Project board of trustees for three years, Brian Health is stepping down as chair, but remaining on the board. Brian has presided over MEP’s start from just an idea to a boots on the ground project that is making an impact in the Mara. During Brian’s service to MEP’s board, MEP has increased our areas of operation, reduced poaching, expanded our partnership networkand elephant research database. Brian’s deep experience of the Mara has … Continue reading.

MEP Responds to Stranded Elephant Herd

Early in the morning on August 26, Mara Elephant Project received a report of a herd of over 10 elephants in Oloonkoliin across the Mara River in an area that was surrounded by settlements. MEP was able to respond at a moment’s notice thanks to the Karen Blixen Camp Trust Ree Park Safari helicopter and successfully pushed them back across the Mara River into the safety of the Mara North Conservancy. The helicopter proved to be vital to protecting these elephants, as we used it as a shiel… Continue reading.

MEP Does NOT Take Volunteers – SCAM ALERT

  Mara Elephant Project receives many volunteer requests from concerned individuals who want to donate their time to our organization to help protect elephants. While this is extremely humbling given that elephants as a keystone species need all the help they can get, MEP is unable to accept volunteers at this time due to the dangerous nature of our work. Our headquarters is located in the Mara, and though we employ 36 rangers, they are all trained individuals with the skills necessary … Continue reading.