Elephant Matters

Fraudulent Elephant Organization Busted

Mara Elephant Project noticed that an “organization” named Safeguard Elephants was using MEP photos and wording on their social media channels to raise funds to protect elephants. After doing some simple investigative work online, it became very evident that the website Safeguard Elephants had set up, had an operational “donate” page, and not much else.   A recent Instagram post where they feature a MEP elephant collaring operation while soliciting donations for their organizati… Continue reading.

MEP June 2018 Report

MEP Monthly Report June 2018 The Mara has started to dry up and, as maize crops ripen, human-elephant conflict (HEC) is on the rise in all areas of MEP operations except Isokon in the Transmara where farmers have not planted yet. MEP rangers continue filling out MEP HEC forms and mitigation forms and bringing them to MEP HQ at the end of the month for data to be entered into DAS. This month there was an increase in the human-elephant conflict cases in the Lemek and Munyas area. In Lemek and … Continue reading.

Safaricom Marathon 2018

The TUSK Trust 2018 Safaricom Marathon at LEWA Wildlife Conservancy will take place on Saturday, June 30. What began as a comparatively small event in 2000 with 180 runners raising $50,000 has grown exponentially to over 1,300 runners in 2017 raising $700,000. To date the marathon has raised a total of $7 million for conservation and community development projects across Kenya. This unique marathon is exceptional in many ways – it combines an unusual fundraising initiative with one of K… Continue reading.