Meet Our Partners

In September 2011, Mara Elephant Project was founded, with the generosity of the Sidekick Foundation, Inc.® in partnership with the Government of Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Wildlife Research and Training Institute (WRTI), community conservancies and other conservation organizations. This partnership model with both governmental and non-governmental organizations plus local stakeholders has enabled the organization to focus on a small number of key activities by leveraging the resources of its partners to traverse great areas, collar elephants, analyze collar data, and cut across political boundaries to improve the security of elephants and reduce the rate at which they are being killed illegally.







The Sidekick Foundation, Inc.®, a registered 501(c)(3) public charitable organization in the United States, is focused on being a sidekick for the heroes of wildlife conservation and global humanitarian work. Sidekick’s vision is to protect and restore endangered and threatened wildlife species across the globe by encouraging the collaboration of world-class talent and local expertise. To date Sidekick has focused the majority of its efforts and funding on Mara Elephant Project combating the illegal killing of elephants by supporting boots on the ground initiatives to stop poaching and international organizations aimed at combatting the root causes behind the demand for ivory.