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Mara Elephant Project – Not Just the Animals

HEC Chili Fence Manual BWS RESOLVE 2016

Mara Ecosystem Connectivity 2016 

MEP Quarterly Newsetters

MEP Matters Quarter 4 2016

MEP Matters Quarter 1 2017

MEP Matters Quarter 2 2017

MEP Matters Quarter 3 2017

Annual Reports

MEP Annual Report 2015

MEP Annual Report 2016

Annual Helicopter Report 2016

PREPARED Project Reports

MEP PREPARED Milestone Report

PREPARED Milestone E Report

MEP Monthly Reports

MEP Monthly Report December 2015 to January 2016

MEP Monthly Report February to March 2016

MEP Monthly Report June to July 2016

MEP Monthly Report August to September 2016

MEP Monthly Report October to November 2016

MEP Monthly Report December 2016 to January 2017

MEP Monthly Report February and March 2017

MEP Monthly Report April and May 2017

MEP Monthly Report June and July 2017

MEP Monthly Report August and September 2017

MEP Monthly Report October 2017

MEP Monthly Report November 2017

MEP Monthly Report December 2017

Helicopter Reports

Helicopter Case for Support

Helicopter Report March 2016

Helicopter Report April and May 2016

Helicopter Report June 2016

Helicopter Report July 2016

Helicopter Report August 2016

Helicopter Report September 2016

Helicopter Report October 2016

Helicopter Report November 2016

Helicopter Report December 2016

Helicopter Report January 2017

Helicopter Report February 2017

Helicopter Report March 2017

Helicopter Report April 2017

Helicopter Report May 2017

Helicopter Report June 2017

Helicopter Report July 2017

Helicopter Report August 2017

MEP Videos

Collared Kegol Getting Into Farms – Summer 2016

Bobo Collar Replacement – Spring 2016

Bobo’s Death – June 2016

HEC Response w/ Crop-Raiding Elephant & Wounded Elephant Treatment – June 2016

Wounded Bull Elephant Treatment – Spring 2016

HEC Response to Push Elephants Out of Munyas – Spring 2016

Wounded Rhino Treatment – June 2016

Matriarch Wound Treatment & HEC Response – October 2016

Collared Elephant Lucy’s Large Herd 

MEP Re-Collaring Ivy – June 2016

UAV Reports

UAV HEC Advanced Training February 2015

UAV Serengeti Workshop Report January 2016

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as a Tool for Managing African Elephants

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