The Crisis

The Greater Mara Ecosystem

Elephants are a keystone species to the Greater Mara Ecosystem and when poaching emerged as the number one threat in 2012, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and MEP took action to successfully combat this global threat.

The Crisis Over A Decade

96 elephants were poached in the GME

Reporting indicates the human population in the Mara is growing more than 3X the global rate

MEP recorded the highest level of bushmeat poaching and habitat destruction in a decade

Today, the drastic expansion of the human footprint in the region is causing devastating loss of habitat, and a rise in human-elephant conflict, which means KWS and MEP must expand its mission and goals to save the Mara’s wildlife and wild spaces.

The killing of elephants threatens an iconic keystone species and results in the erosion of biodiversity.