Elephant Matters

Month: July 2016

Vietnam Ivory

Vietnam’s Illegal Ivory Trade Threatens Africa’s Elephants

From Mara Elephant Project’s partner Save the Elephants Vietnam is now one of the world’s biggest illegal ivory markets. The number of items seen for sale had risen by over six times from 2008 to 2015, according to a survey report released today by Save the Elephants, Vietnam Report. No other country is known to be as active in both illegal imports of new raw tusks and illegal exports of the final ivory products. In total, 242 open outlets with 16,099 ivory items on display available fo… Continue reading.
Ivy Re-Collaring

The Re-Collaring of Ivy

The collaring and monitoring of elephants is an essential part of Mara Elephant Project’s mission. These collars provide us with a wealth of information on our elephants like real-time location, roaming habits as well as inactive alerts. This information not only informs our ranger patrol unit locations, but also the land-use planning suggestions we make to the local government. MEP is currently sanctioned by the Kenya Wildlife Service to install and maintain up to 15 tracking collars at a… Continue reading.
Bobo Collared

The Life & Death of a Bull Elephant *WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT*

One of Mara Elephant Project’s key elephant-saving components is our collaring program. Along with the help of our partners at Save The Elephants, we have 11 collared elephants that are closely monitored. Picking the perfect candidate elephants for these collars sometimes comes down to the level of danger for their lives; large bull elephants are at the highest risk of both poaching and human elephant conflict. African bull elephants can live for up to 70 years and be as large as 15,000 lb… Continue reading.