Month: June 2017

Month: June 2017

New Chili Fences Deter Elephants by Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua

Mara Elephant Project has been responding to an increasing number of human-elephant conflict situations in the Mara since the rain has stopped and crops have ripened. The area of Munyas has experienced some of the worst conflict in all of our area of operation. Elephants are staging in the safety of the Enongishu Conservancy during the day and moving into farms at night. It’s suspected that this was the area where MEP collared elephant, Bobo, was speared last year. MEP rangers responding o… Continue reading.

Baby Elephant Attacked by a Predator

On May 20, 2017 the Mara Elephant Project received a call to help the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Kenya Wildlife Service Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit locate and treat a wounded baby elephant. The calf had been spotted in the Mara Conservancy limping with wounds in the hind leg and missing it’s tail. MEP deployed the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter to help the vet locate the mother and baby who were hiding in thick forest. MEP used the helicopter to help safely separate the mo… Continue reading.

Elephants May Transfer Seeds Farther Than Any Other Land Mammal

According to a recent study published in Biotropica entitled seed dispersal kernel of the largest surviving megaherbivore—the African savanna elephant by Katherine Bunney, the African savanna elephant holds the prize for longest distance mover of seeds with seeds being dispersed up to 65 kilometers. This study was highlighted in Science Magazine and gave a detailed account of how Bunney came to this conclusion. She first tracked how long seeds take to digest in an elephant’s 20-meter-lon… Continue reading.