Month: April 2018

Month: April 2018

New HEC Tool: Flashing Light Fences

Mara Elephant Project has a human-elephant toolkit that we consider to be our best practices in mitigating human-elephant conflict. All of the methods found in this toolkit are practices we’ve seen to be effective from partners and implemented, for example the use of a helicopter, or are practices we’ve tested and made into our own, like chili fences and unmanned aerial vehicles. One such method that is new for MEP and has exciting potential are flashing light fences. MEP got the idea fro… Continue reading.

The Poaching of Collared Elephant Mytene

Mara Elephant Project is sad to announce that one of our collared large bull elephants, Mytene, was poached on April 10 on the border of the Serengeti National Park and Loliondo in the Ngorongoro district. Mytene’s carcass found after receiving the immobility alert.   MEP received an immobility alert on the Save The Elephants (STE) tracking system for Mytene’s collar that allowed us to alert our partners at the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA). MEP sent Mytene’s loca… Continue reading.

MEP Intern March Report

Evans Imboma was attached to Mara Elephant Project through our core funder the ESCAPE Foundation. He was one of the mabingwa’s featured in their film MABINGWA/The Champions. Evans is an active conservationist who grew up on the edge of the Kakamega Forest in Kenya. Evans was given the opportunity to intern at MEP for six months before he starts studying for a degree in Natural Resource Management in August. Evans’ main task is to be in the field for one month at a time with all six of MEP… Continue reading.