Month: December 2017

Month: December 2017

Baby Elephant Helicopter Rescue

On November 18 Mara Elephant Project received a phone call from our partners Friends of the Maasai Mara that a premature baby elephant was wasting away quickly in the Maasai Mara National Reserve (MMNR) because she wasn’t able to reach her mother’s teat. Though MEP generally responds to these types of distress calls when a mother has been killed as a result of human-elephant conflict, this was a special circumstance where a partner was in need of our assistance. Dr. Limo from the KWS/DS… Continue reading.

Holiday Collars for Elephants

Trying to find the perfect gift for the pachyderm in your life? How about a lovely collar that will keep them safe for three years? Collared elephant Kegol.  Mara Elephant Project is looking for supporters to help us fund the re-collaring of eight of our most at-risk elephants in 2018. They’ve really enjoyed the collars they’ve had over the last three years but the battery life is up in 2018 and they need an upgrade. Elephants Lucy, Hugo, Kegol, Chelsea, Caroline, Naibosho, Shorty, &… Continue reading.

Pop Star Ellie Goulding Visits MEP HQ

Mara Elephant Project had the distinct pleasure of hosting pop star and 2018 UN Ambassador Ellie Goulding at MEP HQ December 2 and 3. Ellie Goulding is a UK singer and songwriter whose first album Lights was released in 2011 to huge success. She did a cover of Elton John’s Your Song that caught the attention of Prince William and Catherine and they asked her to play at their wedding at Buckingham Palace. She’s gone on to pop super stardom and her latest album Delirium was released in 2016… Continue reading.