Pop Star Ellie Goulding Visits MEP HQ

Mara Elephant Project had the distinct pleasure of hosting pop star and 2018 UN Ambassador Ellie Goulding at MEP HQ December 2 and 3. Ellie Goulding is a UK singer and songwriter whose first album Lights was released in 2011 to huge success. She did a cover of Elton John’s Your Song that caught the attention of Prince William and Catherine and they asked her to play at their wedding at Buckingham Palace. She’s gone on to pop super stardom and her latest album Delirium was released in 2016 and she was nominated for her first Grammy for the lead single “Love Me Like You Do.” She’s opened on stadium tours for Bruno Mars and Katy Perry before moving onto headlining her own and has been the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.



In October 2017, Ellie was recognized with a Global Leadership Award by the United Nations for her environmental and social justice activism.

“Delighted to tell you I’ve been honoured by United Nations with a #GlobalLeadershipAward2017. Here I am with my New Voices Award for activism presented in New York last night by Munira Khalif. Thank you United Nations Foundation with all my heart for this huge honour. The United Nations provides the tools to make a positive future on the planet, inc The Global Goals and Paris Agreement on #climatechange. I’m totally passionate about us using these tools! I want you to have a voice in the debate and a stake in a sustainable future. We all deserve the chance to fulfil our promise as global citizens on this beautiful planet. #earthoptimism”  Ellie Goulding’s Facebook post


She also recently announced that she will join the foundation in 2018 as a Goodwill Ambassador. Mara Elephant Project was delighted that one of Ellie’s first stops to launch her 2018 initiatives was in the Mara at MEP HQ. Ellie along with her team visited MEP HQ and were hosted by MEP C.E.O. Marc Goss. She enjoyed an overview of the MEP mission and got a firsthand account of our approach with a visit to two of our collared elephants, Kegol and Hugo. She also had the fortune of visiting a large breeding herd MEP has been monitoring. There will be more to come on Ellie’s conservation agenda in the spring of 2018.

“Thank you to the #maasaimara community and Mara Elephant Project. I am totally inspired by Kenya. The wildlife I’ve seen so far and the people I’ve met have been unforgettable, life changing and very motivating to make change in the world #wildforlife UN Environment” Ellie’s Facebook page

Ellie’s extensive following on all social media platforms was a big opportunity for our boots on the ground organization to reach new potential supporters.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter as well for the latest updates on her role as a Goodwill Ambassador.