Month: September 2017

Month: September 2017

World Tourism Day 2017

    To celebrate World Tourism Day Mara Elephant Project wanted to highlight a recent report produced by the World Economic Forum called The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017. Tourism is a key component of conservation for one cannot exist without the other. The most significant finding, as it relates to MEP, is that keeping a pristine ecosystem has a direct impact on the revenue generated from tourism. Here are some of the key points of the study.     Th… Continue reading.
Poached Ivory

IN THE NEWS: The Latest U.N. Resolution

  The United Nations is keeping the pressure on wildlife traffickers and their crimes by recently adopting a far-reaching resolution that keeps the illegal wildlife trade high on the global political agenda. This resolution was adopted on September 11 at the final meeting of the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly in Geneva. This resolution calls on countries to integrate the issue of the wildlife trade into national development plans and to further raise public awarene… Continue reading.

A New Study From STE: Elephants Move More At Night In Poaching Hotspots

A new study conducted by Mara Elephant Project’s partner, Save The Elephants (STE), along with the University of Twente shows that elephants in poaching hotspot areas have learned to move around more at night turning to feeding and traveling over sleeping. STE Elephant Movement Study “This study shows the adaptability of earth’s largest land mammal to adapt their behavior flexibly in order to stay safe. This alteration in movement behavior by elephants has implications for thei… Continue reading.