Month: January 2021

Month: January 2021

MEP Q3 & Q4 Ranger Report

The Mara Elephant Project intelligence unit and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) continue to root out ivory being brought into Kenya across neighboring borders and the second half of 2020 was no exception when MEP’s intelligence led to the recovery of 176 kg of ivory. Pictured left: Ivory bust in August where two people were arrested and 35 kg of ivory was recovered. We had a first of its kind incident on Lake Victoria when our intelligence team led us to Busia near Uganda where we were track… Continue reading.

MEP Q3 & Q4 Research and Tracking Report

In the third quarter, the Mara Elephant Project Research Department started reporting on deforestation in the three forested areas that MEP is operating: Loita, Mau and Nyakweri using GLAD Deforestation alerts now available within the MEP EarthRanger platform. The current rate of loss in Nyakweri Forest has reached approximately 1 event per square kilometer – nearly twelve times the rate of forest loss as the Loita Forest. The NDVI values (i.e., a measure of vegetation greenness) for the ye… Continue reading.

MEP Q3 & Q4 Supporter Report

In the second half of 2020, despite this year being extremely challenging, Mara Elephant Project raised a record amount of funds to support our efforts and expand them in the Greater Mara Ecosystem. This support allowed MEP to expand our boots on the ground efforts in the Maasai Mara to include a new team in the Loita Hills, and these rangers are already increasing protection in this critical area of the Mara into 2021 and we can’t wait to update you on their impact this time next year. Thi… Continue reading.