Month: July 2020

Month: July 2020

World Ranger Day 2020 #WorldRangerDay takes on a whole new meaning in 2020 during a pandemic when their work, more than ever, has been crucial to not only keeping wildlife and habitat protected during this uncertain time but to increase protection for communities who are struggling economically. Mara Elephant Project rangers are the first responders in our area of operation, which makes them essential to security during an insecure time. When COVID-19 hit, we remained in the field at wo… Continue reading.

Bushmeat Poaching & Habitat Destruction Rise in MEP’s June Report

In June, we recorded the highest number of illegal bushmeat poaching and logging incidents since the inception of Mara Elephant Project. The pressures put on the economy have increased due to the effect of COVID-19 on the tourism industry. The halt of tourist generated revenue in the Mara has meant more people are out of work, which results in food insecurity and an increase in illegal activities. MEP is combatting this head on by deploying our partnership model and working closely with Kenya… Continue reading.

Elephant Treatment & Collaring

On June 15, Mara Elephant Project in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) collared a bull elephant, Shamba, that was injured after being caught in farms by rapidly rising waters across the Mara River. In addition to his new collar, KWS Vet Dr. Limo and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Mara Mobile Vet Unit removed four arrows and treated a spear wound. The arrows and spears removed from Shamba. The satellite collar allowed us to not only monitor his recovery, but also react to his future… Continue reading.