Elephant Matters

Month: February 2019

Asilia Gives to Mara Conservation

  The Asilia Charitable Foundation and Asilia Charitable Corporation are both the philanthropic arm of Asilia Africa, a safari camp operator in East Africa that boasts intimate camps perfectly situated to deliver the very best experiences with expert guides to reveal to you the secrets of the wild. They not only offer a top-notch tourism experience, but Asilia Africa acknowledges that people and nature are inseparable partners, so they work closely with communities, authorities, NGOs an… Continue reading.

Indianapolis Zoo Supports Mara Elephant Project

Mara Elephant Project is pleased to announce that we’ve received support from the Indianapolis Zoological Society, Inc. for the protection of Mau Forest elephants for two years. The elephant carrying capacity of forests in Kenya is heavily threatened by anthropogenic pressures (i.e. land encroachment for settlement and forest degradation through grazing, fires, illegal logging for timber, charcoal and firewood, and wildlife poaching). Although forests may contain a quarter of Kenya’s tota… Continue reading.