Month: March 2020

Month: March 2020

Meet One of MEP’s Female Rangers, Caren

Mara Elephant Project’s rangers are not just protecting wildlife, communities and habitat in the Mara ecosystem; most were also born and raised in the very ecosystem they protect. MEP’s rangers are a snapshot of local life in the Mara and represent the best of the best in their communities. So, it’s essential that our ranger force also reflects the advancement in equality that the 21st century has brought about. March is women’s history month and Maasai women are critical to the comm… Continue reading.

Protection Continues in MEP February Report

The biggest global issue at the moment is the spread of the highly infectious COVID-19 virus. It is already having a huge impact on the global economy and Kenya is taking this threat very seriously as is Mara Elephant Project. We’ve taken the proper steps to ensure our rangers and headquarter-based staff are all safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have implemented strict new protocols to ensure that MEP is an example of an organization taking the correct measures to deal with the virus. M… Continue reading.

MEP Protection Extends Beyond the Mara Ecosystem

In the first eight years of operation, Mara Elephant Project focused on securing the greater Mara ecosystem by increasing the protection for wildlife, like elephants, communities and habitat. Beyond expanding our core operations in the Mara ecosystem to areas like the Mau and Loita where protection is needed, we’ve also recently expanded to the Shimba/Mwaluganje ecosystem. This area near the Kenyan coast, south of Mombasa, has been hit hard by poaching and continues to see high levels of co… Continue reading.