Month: May 2020

Month: May 2020

When It Rains, It Pours – MEP’s April Report

April was again a very wet month here in the Mara and it was said locally that the Mara River is as high as at any time in recent memory. The main roads and three of the main bridges crossing the Mara River were impassable for a number of days effectively cutting off the Transmara from the Narok side of the county. (pictured left: Bridges running over the river and most of the Mara was flooded in April. Photo Credit: Brian Heath) Unfortunately, this flooding directly affected camps alongside… Continue reading.

MEP Q1 2020 Research & Tracking Report

  The year began by deploying two new elephant collars onto one female and one male elephant (Gina and Dicki) in the Shimba/Mwaluganje ecosystem. The Shimba elephants were badly affected by poaching in the last decade and reconnaissance of the area conducted with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) indicates poaching is still an issue. Little is known about their current distribution and range, which is why at the request of KWS, MEP deployed two collars in January to help give us an idea as to… Continue reading.

Q1 2020 Supporter Report

While the world deals with the evolving ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to temporarily put on hold Mara Elephant Project’s overt fundraising efforts and focus on the task at hand, continuing to provide protection to the Mara’s wildlife and communities while taking into consideration the great long-term implications of the pandemic. Our aim over the last few months has been to provide our supporters with stories about the work that continues on the ground and bring i… Continue reading.