Month: July 2019

Month: July 2019

SWT Mau-De Snaring Unit Continues Their Impact on #WorldRangerDay

The Mau Forest complex forms the largest canopy forest ecosystem in Kenya and is the single most important water catchment in the Rift Valley and Western Kenya. The elephant carrying capacity of forests in Kenya is heavily threatened by anthropogenic pressures like land encroachment for settlements and forest degradation through grazing, fires, illegal logging for timber, charcoal and firewood, and wildlife poaching. It’s with this in mind, Mara Elephant Project and the Sheldrick Wildlife … Continue reading.

MEP Q2 Supporter Update

Mara Elephant Project kicked off the second quarter by participating in the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos, Lions and Other Endangered Species in Nairobi, Kenya. MEP not only participated; we were one of the key sponsors for the event. MEP CEO Marc Goss along with MEP rangers Moses Lekekwar and John Sakaja, Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua, Finance Officer Stanley Misoka and Trustee Moses Kamau marched to represent MEP (pictured left). Locally, the march aimed to create awareness about th… Continue reading.

MEP Q2 Research & Tracking Update

The second quarter of 2019 proved very busy for both the MEP research team and MEP’s collared elephants. In April, MEP Director of Research and Conservation Dr. Jake Wall focused on setting up and running MEP’s own EarthRanger, a platform developed by Vulcan Inc. based in Seattle that extends the real-time monitoring system Jake developed with Save The Elephants (STE) during his PhD. EarthRanger integrates data-streams from a wide variety of sources that is then stored and accessed secure… Continue reading.