Month: July 2018

Month: July 2018


Mara Elephant Projet rangers wanted to show YOU what your support has enabled them to do in 2018! Mara Elephant Project rangers have been hard at work the first half of 2018 (January – June). So, to celebrate World Ranger Day, here is a snapshot of the numbers. 2018 TOTALS  Total Hours on Patrol Total Elephants Sighted Total Incidents Responded Total Poaching Incidents Total HEC Incidents Total Snares Recovered Suspects Arrested Ivory Seized Elephants Collared 3,634 2,815 196 3 104 2… Continue reading.

Celebrate World Ranger Day by Supporting MEP Rangers

Celebrate World Ranger Day with Mara Elephant Project! Mara Elephant Project has developed and successfully manages rapid response anti-poaching units, and six patrol units that patrol hotspots and react to intelligence reports. The ranger teams are all split into defined areas of operation that they are tasked with patrolling. MEP has also developed a widespread intelligence network to infiltrate poaching gangs. While the rapid response units and patrol teams have clearly defined areas of o… Continue reading.

Hugo Treatment By MEP Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua

Early July 16 while out on a game drive guests from Richard’s Camp spotted Hugo, Mara Elephant Project’s largest bull collared elephants, with a fresh arrow wound in his side. The call came in to MEP and we immediately dispatched a ranger unit nearby to assess the situation. When the team caught up with Hugo they spotted the arrow shaft protruding from his belly on his right side. By this time the Kenya Wildlife Service vet, Dr. Limo, supported by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Mara M… Continue reading.