Month: March 2017

Month: March 2017

MEP Ranger Using STE

Domain Awareness System (DAS)

Mara Elephant Project faces many challenges, one of which is relying on data from multiple sources to identify potential poaching threats that can be incomplete. This data is used to inform our rangers of poaching activity in protected areas so having accurate data is crucial to our success. The Domain Awareness System (DAS) created by Vulcan Technology integrates data from all technology used in a protected area, providing a single operational picture and alerting managers when critical thr… Continue reading.
Treating Young Bull Ele

HEC Rapid Response in the February Helicopter Report

In February Mara Elephant Project responded to a herd of over 100 elephants that were crop raiding in the Kiridon area, which was the major storyline of the Helicopter Report February 2017. This mega herd of elephants included four of MEP’s collared elephants and time was of the essence since angry farmers surrounded them and it was reported from the area chief that two gunshots were heard. MEP needed to rapidly respond to push this large herd to safety and the best tool we have in our HEC… Continue reading.
Hangar Completed

MEP’s Completed Helicopter Hangar

If you’ve been following Mara Elephant Project’s most recent helicopter reports, then you know that our hangar for the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter is nearly complete. The hangar’s foundation was completed in December along with the apron and landing pad.   We started on the structure in January and now, the only thing remaining is to paint the door and the inside, which should be done by the first of March.       This hangar is vital to MEP’s ope… Continue reading.