Elephant Matters

Month: May 2017

The End of Wild Elephants?

A recent article in The Guardian by Erik Solheim, the executive director of the UN Environment Programme, highlights one of the key issues Mara Elephant Project is addressing to protect elephants and conserve the greater Mara ecosystem. In the article The end of wild elephants? Why we must not let Africa become one giant food farm, the issue of diminishing space is presented with a clear message: Africa’s population is growing and so are it’s needs for food, which is reducing the amount o… Continue reading.

Affluent Countries Contribute Less to Wildlife Conservation

A recent study completed by Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and Panthera, an organization dedicated to protecting wild cats, assessed how much, or little, individual countries contribute to protecting the world’s wildlife. They found that in comparison to the more affluent, developed world, biodiversity is a higher priority in poorer areas such as the African nations, which contribute more to conservation than any other region. “Surprisingly little attention has bee… Continue reading.

Tanzania Rapid Response Operation By MEP CEO Marc Goss

On April 28, 2017 I got a call from the Mara Conservancy Administrator David Aruasa reporting that two elephants were caught in farms on the Kenya/Tanzania border outside of the Mara Triangle portion of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. David reported that the ranger team from the Ngerare post tried to get the elephants out of the farms but they were met with a large number of frustrated community members after the elephants had moved into Tanzania farms.                         … Continue reading.