Month: June 2020

Month: June 2020

Elephant crop-raiding in the Masai Mara by MEP Research Team

Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) is a broad term used to describe the many different negative interactions experienced by both people and wildlife as a result of living in proximity to one another. For elephants in the Masai Mara Kenya, conflict usually manifests as crop-raiding and infrastructure damage and, in extreme cases, also includes human threat, injury and death. Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) poses a significant challenge to conservation and is a problem we believe will get worse as we … Continue reading.

Partnerships are Key to Increased Protection – MEP May Report

Kenya continues to report increased cases of COVID-19 and at the end of May the numbers stood at 1,962 confirmed cases, with 64 deaths and 478 recoveries. As travel restrictions remain in place, the Mara is in the third month without tourists and communities with less or no income. As was projected, we are starting to see concrete evidence that bushmeat poaching is on the rise and continuing the protection of the Mara’s wildlife, communities and habitat alongside partners is crucial right n… Continue reading.

MEP Support Staff Essential During COVID-19

While Mara Elephant Project’s rangers deservingly receive most of the spotlight for their conservation impact, not all conservationists work in the field. MEP’s Chief Financial Officer Stanley Misoka (pictured left) works in our offices located in Nairobi and while Stanley’s qualifications and experience mean he can work for an audit firm, he has chosen to work at MEP because of his passion for conserving Kenya’s iconic wildlife and ecosystems. Stanley joined MEP in 2018 and is a Cer… Continue reading.