Living With Zebras by Wilson Sairowua

Living With Zebras

by Wilson Sairowua, Mara Elephant Project Field Administrator

Animals have always played a huge part in human civilization. Work animals help us to grow, hunt and harvest food and in ancient times they were the primary means of transport. Sometimes though, people don’t just befriend animals or use them to help carry out tasks. Instead, they live with the creatures as one of their own, rather than as an owner. People have long kept pets as a form of companionship, ranging from domestic animals such as cats and dogs to more exotic animals such as tigers, cheetahs, parrots and even bears. Whatever the case, animals have played an important part in human society for thousands of years.

Zebras as Companions

I think someday people from Transmara will be using zebras as means of transport instead of donkeys. In the Kawai Transmara area people live together with zebras. I believe this will change their views on wild animals, some years back zebras did not come close to people but now they live with them and that idea could be applied to all wild animals.

These domesticated zebras will make people understand they can live in harmony with animals. The way Transmara people interact with zebras to an extent of relaxing inside Bomas can be applied to elephants and other wild animals. If this is achieved that can be the best way to control human-wildlife conflict in the area.

Living with Zebras