Month: May 2021

Month: May 2021

Q1 2021 Ranger Report

Mara Elephant Project’s intelligence unit started off 2021 with several key ivory busts. On January 5, MEP’s intelligence unit alongside Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) arrested two suspects in possession of 30 kg of ivory. The team suspects this ivory came from Tanzania and are glad they were able to successfully remove it from the market. Then, on January 14, the MEP intelligence unit along with KWS arrested one suspect in possession of two elephant tusk weighing 11 kilograms estimated to … Continue reading.

Q1 2021 CEO Report

As we enter into Mara Elephant Project’s 10th year of operation, we are more equipped to handle the increase in habitat destruction activities and bushmeat poaching we’re seeing in the Greater Mara Ecosystem (GME). We hope that the tourist industry is revived this year, and we are busy greeting visitors on MEP’s campus during high season. In the meantime, MEP continues to focus on reducing poaching and deterring illegal habitat destruction activities in the Mara and on March 29 we celeb… Continue reading.

MEP Promotions & New Members

Mara Elephant Project is pleased to announce that Wilson Sairowua, who has been with the organization since 2015, was promoted at the first of the year to the role of head of conservation. Wilson is tasked with leading the long-term monitoring (LTM) team, research administration tasks, overseeing the new experimental farm and drone projects and responsible for managing all the backend data necessary to keep track of MEP ranger movements and other data collected in the field. He will continue … Continue reading.