Save Elephant Mothers Alongside MEP

Please help Mara Elephant Project protect and save mothers and their babies. We’d like to share a story that just happened this past week that will resonate with mothers everywhere.

The newly launched long-term monitoring team (LTM) during their first week at work monitoring the Greater Mara Ecosystem’s elephant families discovered a mother elephant with a serious injury. She had an arrowhead lodged in her left ear that looked painful and could be life threatening if it wasn’t immediately treated; she also had her newborn baby by her side.

MEP’s team sprang into action and called in Kenya Wildlife Service Vet Dr. Limo from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Mara Mobile Vet Unit. Using the leased helicopter, MEP CEO Marc Goss was able to direct the mother and baby into a clearing to ensure a soft open spot for her to be darted for treatment and the baby to be able to remain safely at her side.

As you can see, the baby kept a close watch while Dr. Limo was treating his mother. Not only did her life depend on this being successful, his did too.

We are happy to celebrate this mother’s successful operation and full recovery on Mother’s Day weekend with all of the fellow moms out there. Like you, this elephant mom ran into trouble as she went about her daily life, and as a result of our joint efforts, she can now safely resume focusing on her precious newborn.

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