Month: December 2016

Month: December 2016

Alley-oops for Eles

Mara Elephant Project thrives on the grassroots efforts by others to raise money to help us protect elephants and conserve the greater Mara ecosystem even from afar. Recently MEP has been showcasing the need for funding to keep our Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari Robinson R44 helicopter flying. The helicopter is deployed on rapid response missions that help enable MEP to cover over 1 million acres of land and place rangers in perfect positions for mitigating human-elephant conflict at criti… Continue reading.
Elephant Herd

Aerial Monitoring Flights

Thanks to the generosity of a Mara Elephant Project supporter, MEP is able to actively monitor and check in on our 21 GPS-collared elephants with our Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter on a monthly basis across the ecosystem. These flights have been established as the best way to monitor elephants over a large area accurately because although MEP receives near to real-time collar data from the elephants there are several attributes that cannot be collected. The collars only give M… Continue reading.

A Voice for Elephants Blog in the Mara

Elephant Voices is an organization that’s goal is to advance the study of elephant cognition, communication and social behavior in order to promote the scientifically sound and ethical management and care of elephants. They accomplish this through research, conservation, advocacy and the sharing of knowledge with organizations like Mara Elephant Project.   Recently Gini Cowell who has worked with various elephant-saving organizations in the Maasai Mara wrote A Tribute to Tenebo the Ele… Continue reading.