Month: December 2016

Month: December 2016

For Rangers

Running For Rangers

For Rangers is a dedicated group of individuals that are raising money for the welfare of rangers who risk their lives daily to protect Africa’s endangered species. For Rangers teams are dedicated to raising money and awareness For Rangers by taking part in some of the world’s toughest physical challenges like ultra marathons, kayaking 1,000 miles or riding over a 10-day period in the Mongolian Derby. The For Rangers teams hope that by taking part in some of the hardest, most challenging… Continue reading.

MEP Ranger Mending Fences

In the last month Mara Elephant Project has been receiving calls that elephants were inside fences in the Mbitin area of Kenya. MEP has needed to send the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari Robinson R44 helicopter to this area five times alone this past month in order to push these elephants out of the farmland. In addition to this rapid respond, since 2015, MEP has needed to position a permanent ranger team in the Ol Donyo Erinka area to monitor our collared elephant, Caroline, and more rece… Continue reading.