A Voice for Elephants Blog in the Mara

Elephant Voices Logo Elephant Voices is an organization that’s goal is to advance the study of elephant cognition, communication and social behavior in order to promote the scientifically sound and ethical management and care of elephants. They accomplish this through research, conservation, advocacy and the sharing of knowledge with organizations like Mara Elephant Project.


Recently Gini Cowell who has worked with various elephant-saving organizations in the Maasai Mara wrote A Tribute to Tenebo the Elephant on A Voice for Elephants blog on National Geographic’s website.


This blog was a well done retelling of the life and death of one of her favorite bull elephants in the Mara. She is able to capture quite accurately what MEP deals with on a daily basis on the battlefield of elephant conservation. Unfortunately, every major elephant conservation organization working in the Mara has a similar story to the one told here and that’s why we keep fighting to protect this keystone species.