Month: March 2019

Month: March 2019

February 2019 Report

  In February, the Mara has seen an abnormal amount of rain for a normally very dry time of the year. The Mara is very green, and the wildlife is enjoying the unexpected extra rain. pictured left: collared elephant Ivy and her calf clearly enjoyed the rain.       We started the first week of February off with an arrest on the 7thof three suspects by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) near Nairobi with 12 kg of ivory all made possible by MEP intelligence. TANAPA also following M… Continue reading.

The First Year of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Mau De-Snaring Unit

      The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Mau De-Snaring Unit celebrates their one-year anniversary this quarter and Mara Elephant Project wanted to highlight the impact this permanent ranger unit has had in the critical habitat of the Mau Forest.       General Mau Forest Information/Background: The elephant carrying capacity of forests in Kenya is heavily threatened by anthropogenic pressures (i.e. land encroachment for settlement and forest degradation through grazin… Continue reading.

MEP January 2019 Report

The January 2019 report is a bit late as it marks the introduction of a ‘research’ section to the MEP monthly report that will provide updates on MEP’s collared elephants, the environment and the research team all requiring data that’s collected in the middle of the following month. The research team, which consists of MEP Director of Research & Conservation Dr. Jake Wall and Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua, have been working on setting up the new MEP Earth Ranger server that… Continue reading.