Month: October 2018

Month: October 2018

Female Elephant Treatment

On October 14, Mara Elephant Project received a call from the Olarro Conservancy Warden that a female elephant with two calves had been injured on her side with either a spear or arrow. Olarro has been seeing a high level of human-elephant conflict along its border, which is why MEP stationed a ranger unit there permanently to help mitigate human-elephant conflict in partnership with the Olarro rangers. The MEP Olarro patrol unit. MEP deployed the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari R44 helico… Continue reading.

Introducing The Sidekick Foundation

Mara Elephant Project’s core funder, the ESCAPE Foundation, Inc. has officially changed their name to the Sidekick Foundation as of October 1. While the name change reflects a more next generation approach to wildlife conservation, the mission, objectives and approach of the original ESCAPE Foundation remain the same. The mission of Sidekick is to protect and restore endangered keystone wildlife species in the greater Maasai Mara ecosystem in Kenya by funding boots on the ground initiatives… Continue reading.

MEP September 2018 Report

September was the deadliest month so far for elephants in the Mara in 2018. This increase in elephant mortalities, a total of seven this month, means there is a disturbing new trend emerging. Generally, high human-elephant conflict months directly correspond with the ripening of crops. Elephants mostly crop raid when there are ripe crops to raid; however, in September, there haven’t been ripened crops and it’s been dry all month. Meaning, the decline in human-elephant conflict this month … Continue reading.