A Letter From MEP CEO Marc Goss

The good news is that the number of poached elephants decreased in 2016, the bad news is that human-elephant conflict has increased significantly, which is why adding the Robinson R44 helicopter to the Mara Elephant Project HEC Toolkit was so crucial. This was made possible through the generous support of Karen Blixen Camp and Ree Park Safari.

Marc in Heli

CEO Marc Goss moving a herd of elephants to safety. 

The helicopter cuts down our rapid response time for HEC and security operations, allows for aerial monitoring of collared elephants and medical transport in case of emergencies in the Mara.


Colins KWS and Marc MEP HelicopterI think what I’m most proud of from 2016 is MEP’s continued cultivation of really great partnerships with organizations like those mentioned above, as well as Save The Elephants, Kenya Wildlife Service, Mara North Conservancy and the Narok County Government. Without our partners, MEP wouldn’t be able to have the success we’ve had in 2016 in saving elephant lives. The Mara ecosystem is a better place because we can all work together to ensure that this landscape species doesn’t parish.


CEO Marc Goss with KWS Senior Warden



Particularly in the last quarter, MEP is happy to announce the addition of Victoria Fanthorpe as development director to our expanding team. She will bring invaluable fundraising experience to MEP in 2017. We hope to establish a yearly fundraiser and keep encouraging grassroots efforts to raise funds for MEP.


Mep Arrest with firearms

In the last quarter alone MEP has arrested 15 poachers and seized 535 kg of bush meat, one cheetah skin, one leopard skin, 19 kg of ivory as well as weapons, snares and bows all used for illegal activity in the Mara.

MEP Monthly Report October to November 2016

Helicopter Report December 2016

Recently arrested poachers.



While poaching is down in the Mara, MEP in the last quarter continues to see the rise of human-elephant conflict incidents month-to-month. Going from 14 to 25 in the span of a one-month reporting period.

MEP has collared two additional elephants in the last quarter, Courtney and Olchoda, bringing our total of monitored elephants to 21.


The collaring of Olchoda.

In 2017 Mara Elephant Project is excited to expand our fundraising capabilities and hopefully add to our arrest record, ivory seizure, flight hours for the helicopter and use new and innovative technologies to mitigate human-elephant conflict. We are also excited for the addition of a helicopter landing pad and hanger to keep this effective and expensive tool in peak condition.

Hangar Plan

The rendering for the MEP hanger design.


A personal highlight for me was visiting Indianapolis, Indiana, USA in October for the Indianapolis Prize and meeting amazing conservationist from all over the world who are doing great work.

The finalist for the Indianapolis Prize with honoree Sigourney Weaver. 



Thank you for your continued support of Mara Elephant Project.