Conflict to Co-Existence
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Mara Elephant Project (MEP) protects elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem. Established in 2011, MEP’s focus on elephant protection in the Maasai Mara, Kenya in turn increases the protection of wildlife, communities and habitat in our expanding areas of operation.

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Land-use changes from human population growth, deforestation and poaching threaten elephants. Human-elephant conflict and habitat destruction is on the rise. That, paired with the demand for ivory, means the illegal killing of elephants is at its highest level since the international ivory trade ban.


Our approach is to monitor, evaluate and protect elephants in collaboration with key partners in the region. Our boots on the ground rangers, applied research and collaborative approach help us work towards our goal to maintain a harmonic balance between wildlife, communities and habitat and move the Mara from conflict to co-existence.

MEP’s Habitat Protection Activities in November’s Report
Mara Elephant Project held a recruitment for local men and women in the Loita area in September and we are pleased to announce this team has just completed their 6-week training on MEP’s campus and are ready to be deployed by December 1. On November 20, a passing out (graduation) parade was held in the Entesekera trading center on the edge of the Loita Forest to celebrate the launch of the additional MEP rangers into this area. Pictured left: CEO Marc Goss with rangers. The parade was not o… Continue reading.
Training New MEP Rangers in October Report
Rangers are the first line of defense on the ground to combat habitat loss and protect both wildlife and communities in the Mara. As we’ve seen over the past few months, some illegal activities like bushmeat poaching and habitat destruction are on the rise and in response, MEP recruited 10 new men and women that trained on campus in October. There are 14 total recruits, four are cooks that travel with MEP ranger units, and 10 rangers due to be deployed in the Loita area for added protection… Continue reading.
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