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Protecting elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem

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A mixture of land-use changes resulting from human population growth, deforestation and poaching for elephants’ highly valuable ivory is causing populations to dwindle. Humans are encroaching upon historic elephant rangelands, and human-elephant conflict is on the rise. That, paired with the demand for ivory, means the illegal killing of elephants is at its highest level since the international ivory trade ban.

Diminishing Space

We save and protect the African elephant population in the Mara by combatting poaching operations, collaring, monitoring and researching elephants, and protecting farmers and elephants across their large dispersal area.

Elephant Collaring, Monitoring and Research
Anti-Poaching Patrols & Rapid Response Units
Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation

Seed Balls Distributed
Mara Elephant Project has partnered with Seedballs Kenya to help reforest Kenya in some of the areas devastated by illegal charcoal production and logging (read more here). Four generous donors recently gave MEP a total of 65 kg of seedballs to distribute via the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter and send along with MEP ranger units to use while out on patrol. One of the MEP patrol vehicles getting loaded up with seed balls from Seedballs Kenya for distribution. One area of partic… Continue reading.
Female Elephant Treatment
On October 14, Mara Elephant Project received a call from the Olarro Conservancy Warden that a female elephant with two calves had been injured on her side with either a spear or arrow. Olarro has been seeing a high level of human-elephant conflict along its border, which is why MEP stationed a ranger unit there permanently to help mitigate human-elephant conflict in partnership with the Olarro rangers. The MEP Olarro patrol unit. MEP deployed the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari R44 helico… Continue reading.
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