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Protecting elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem

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A mixture of land-use changes resulting from human population growth, deforestation and poaching for elephants’ highly valuable ivory is causing populations to dwindle. Humans are encroaching upon historic elephant rangelands, and human-elephant conflict is on the rise. That, paired with the demand for ivory, means the illegal killing of elephants is at its highest level since the international ivory trade ban.

Diminishing Space

We save and protect the African elephant population in the Mara by combatting poaching operations, collaring, monitoring and researching elephants, and protecting farmers and elephants across their large dispersal area.

Elephant Collaring, Monitoring and Research
Anti-Poaching Patrols & Rapid Response Units
Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation

Protected: MEP Welcomes Dr. Jake Wall
Mara Elephant Project is pleased to welcome Dr. Jake Wall in his new role as director of research and conservation. MEP is increasingly a data-driven organization and with this in mind a significant investment of time and resources will be focused on developing its applied research agenda aimed at enhancing the protection of elephants and the habitat upon which they and other wildlife depend. Dr. Wall using a VHF tracker to detect the location of a collared elephant while out in the field.  … Continue reading.
Protected: MEP Q4 Communications & Fundraising Report
Mara Elephant Project ended 2018 with a big fundraising push and received confirmation of support from organizations we had submitted grants to earlier in the year. We received the first annual instalment of a core support grant from the Oak Foundation to support the core activities of MEP and the full funding from the Bently Foundation for our grant request to support ranger training and purchase of essential field equipment. We also received a donation from advocacy group Elephanatics from … Continue reading.
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