Running For Rangers

For Rangers is a dedicated group of individuals that are raising money for the welfare of rangers who risk their lives daily to protect Africa’s endangered species.

For Rangers

For Rangers teams are dedicated to raising money and awareness For Rangers by taking part in some of the world’s toughest physical challenges like ultra marathons, kayaking 1,000 miles or riding over a 10-day period in the Mongolian Derby. The For Rangers teams hope that by taking part in some of the hardest, most challenging endurance events on the planet, they can draw attention not only to the plight of Africa’s wildlife and the poaching crisis, but also the hardships and dangers the rangers are exposed to in trying to protect our wildlife. All of the funds raised go directly to fulfilling the needs of the rangers on the front lines.

Horse Race Rangers

Barbara Seele leads the way at the start of the Mongol Derby, 4th August 2013

Protecting Africa’s rhinos and elephants requires a large number of highly trained and dedicated rangers. These rangers are on the frontlines of protecting these animals against heavily armed and ruthless gangs, as well as working in harsh and uncomfortable conditions. Globally, over a thousand rangers have been killed in the line of duty since 2003. It is a dangerous and tough job and there is a huge need to keep men safe and motivated for the welfare of Africa’s keystone species.

The funds raised at For Rangers provide equipment, training and resources that help with their ability to protect wildlife safely. They are the most important aspect of protecting wildlife – trusted boots on the ground – men who are prepared and trained to work long hours monitoring and protecting our wildlife. The cost of equipping and training a single front-line ranger for a year is a little over $6,000.

Rangers on patrol

Mara Elephant Project has received equipment through the money raised by Running for Rangers and additionally has raised $20,000 through our network for this great cause. The money we’ve raised supports the training of Kenya’s rangers, which is critical to MEP and our successes. MEP rangers want to work alongside equally well-trained rangers on multi-organizational missions. MEP believes that our rangers are the real heroes and ambassadors of the MEP mission.


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