Q1 2022 Ranger Report

As mentioned in the CEO report, this year started strong when another arrest and ivory seizure took place when Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) arrested one suspect with 30 kg of ivory based on MEP intelligence on January 31 in the Olengurone area of the Mau Forest. As a result of intelligence gathered, we set up a large fly camp consisting of KWS, Kenya Forest Service and MEP rangers to clean up a portion of the forest to protect it and the wildlife who live there.

The MEP “Foxtrot” ranger team participated in two different elephant treatments in February. The first, on February 9, occurred when they spotted a bull elephant with a spear wound on his right rear leg, most likely a result of conflict with nearby communities. KWS Vet Dr. Limo from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Mara Mobile Vet Unit was called in to treat him in Oloisukut Conservancy. The next day, the ranger team found the newly treated bull and he appeared to be healing well. The second was later in February, on the 26th, when while on patrol in the Nyakweri Forest, the team spotted a bull with a spear wound on his left front leg. Once again, KWS Vet Dr. Limo from the SWT Mara Mobile Vet Unit was called in and successfully treated the bull for his wound.

We are excited to announce the addition of a brand-new ranger unit dedicated to protecting the Forest of the Lost Child (Naminina Enkiyio) or Loita Forest. We currently have two ranger teams operating in the Loita Forest, and due to increased security concerns, we’ve decided to launch a third in the Isokon portion of Loita. Recruitment was held on March 8 and 34 men and women showed up to the recruitment overseen by MEP’s Assistant Senior Warden Jackson Maitai, the MEP “Echo” ranger unit (stationed in the Loita) and CEO Marc Goss. The recruitment started with a 3 km timed run and the first runner came in at a brisk pace of 14 minutes and most did this barefoot. After this, they were interviewed by Marc. The field has been narrowed down to five candidates that will join MEP at headquarters for training. We can’t wait to introduce you to the new rangers once training has been completed. We are so grateful to our supporters for joining MEP to protect the Loita Forest.