Meet MEP’s New Development Director

Victoria Fanthorpe

Mara Elephant Project is thrilled to introduce the latest member to our unstoppable elephant-saving team, Victoria Fanthorpe. Victoria will be in the role of Development Director and has been tasked with building MEP’s network of supporters which includes identifying new funding opportunities that fit with MEP’s mission and submitting funding applications to new and existing donors.

Victoria has previous experience in this position at The Karen Hilltribes Trust, a UK based charity working in Thailand and has many years of fundraising experience in the international development sector . She also has previous experience in Africa working as the Head of Fundraising for the N/a’an ku sê Foundation in Namibia which runs a carnivore conservation research program, focusing on endangered species including cheetah, leopard, brown hyena and African wild dog. Victoria hails from the UK and was educated there. She will reside in the Masai Mara for her new role at MEP.

Following a field visit to Zambia with VSO over 10 years ago, Victoria had the opportunity to see elephants in Chobe National Park in Botswana and felt instantly drawn to them. It is without a doubt that elephants are one of the most extraordinary animals on earth, with exceptional emotional intelligence and close family bonds and she has been fascinated by them ever since.

“The alarming escalation in the destruction of these magnificent animals for ivory is heart breaking and the figures too shocking. In Africa it is estimated that 30,000 elephants are being killed every year and at this rate of persecution they will be gone in 10 years. I’m proud to be working with an organization that is turning the tide against this.” – Victoria

Victoria’s goals for MEP are to grow annual funding, increase and diversify the donor support base and help bring MEP along to a status on par with STE. Though ambitious, MEP believes Victoria is the right person for this role.

“I am really looking forward to starting my new job and to doing all that I can to support the team and increase funding to support their vital work. It will be a huge privilege to work alongside them.” – Victoria

In her free time Victoria is an avid photographer having photographed in Thailand, Africa and the UK. She scuba dives, hikes and is an overall nature enthusiast who cannot wait to work in the Mara.