Elephanatics Supports MEP

organization_logo1Formed in May 2013, Elephanatics is an elephant advocacy organization residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada with the mission to help the long-term survival of the African and Asian elephants by raising awareness. Disseminating information regarding the enormous challenges and suffering elephants face in Africa’s poaching crisis and Asia’s tourist trade helps them achieve this mission.


They focus on three pillars of advocacy: conservation, education and action. These three pillars have guided the organization’s boots on the ground actions for the last three years by hosting the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, an annual event with over 140 cities participating worldwide. Mara Elephant Project is humbled to receive a donation of over $2,800, the money raised from Elephanatics’ most recent march on September 24, 2016.


The MEP connection comes from Dr. Jake Wall, the co-founder and chief scientific researcher of Elephanatics. Dr. Wall and MEP worked together in 2016 on his GPS tracking system with advanced mapping technology algorithms that can detect anomalies in a single elephant’s movements. MEP used Dr. Wall’s tracking system on their 21 collared elephants to detect poaching or injury in an elephant’s movements. MEP is thrilled Dr. Wall will be coming back in 2017 to do further research on his tracking system. He also works as a conservationist with MEP partner, Save The Elephants.


Elephanatics March Mara Elephant Project would like to thank Elephanatics and all of the march supporters (love the pink elephant hat) for their generous donation and continued commitment and support. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook for more information on upcoming events.