Celebrate 10 Years of MEP

Today is the BIG DAY!

Mara Elephant Project is celebrating a decade of operation, our Kumi Anniversary.

In the last decade, MEP focused on teaching, training and employing Maasai men and women to be first responders to save wildlife and wild spaces. Their commitment has disrupted poaching in the Greater Mara Ecosystem, protected critical forest habitat and ecologically key areas and kept community’s farms and families safe.

Help us to celebrate this milestone and DONATE to strengthen, build and grow our decade of success.

Monitoring the overall population of all elephant families protects them into the future. MEP’s LTM team studies how elephants use their limited wild spaces to expand the protection and survival of elephant families.

Rapid response to KWS and MEP’s elephant collars protects community’s crops and keeps tensions from rising between wildlife and people. The monitoring informs spatial planning to protect the ecosystem’s biodiversity.

MEP’s Maasai rangers are the defenders of the Mara’s wildlife, people and habitat because they are the future generation of Kenyan conservationists.

MEP is ready for the next 10 years!
JOIN US to combat the rise in conflict, habitat destruction and continue our previous success.
By working together, we can save wildlife and wild spaces.





Photos courtesy of Amish Chhagan of Chags Photography.