A Message From Mara Elephant Project CEO Marc Goss

The Mara is exceptionally green at the moment and we still expect more rain!

I wanted to share some great news; this year so far we have seen a decline in poaching overall!

In 2015 MEP along with our partner Kenya Wildlife Service arrested 73 poachers, facilitators and dealers. These arrests resulted in the recovery of 449 kg of ivory and led to a drop in poached elephants. In 2014 we lost 85 elephants and last year this declined to 46. There are still a few poachers at large this year and we have a plan to route them out shortly.

Despite the drop in poaching we are still experiencing an increase in Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) on almost all the boundary areas around the conservancies. Recently we have been reacting to HEC reports on a daily basis!

One of the most effective and immediate mitigation tools to move elephants back into safety has been the helicopter. We have been given access to the Karen Blixen Camp’s helicopter, which I learned to fly last year in America. The helicopter is stationed in the Mara and with it we are able to deploy at a moment’s notice and monitor over a large area. The Robinson R44 helicopter costs $300 per hour to fly, which includes fuel and service costs.

MEP Helicopter

We need your support to continue using this tool to mitigate HEC, respond to poaching reports and monitor elephants. Please see the MEP Helicopter Case for Support and the KWS Helicopter Support Letter for MEP for the use of the helicopter.


Sincerely yours,