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Protecting elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem

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The international demand for ivory from elephant tusks is growing. As more elephants die poaching becomes an even more profitable business. Poaching and increasing levels of human-elephant conflict threaten the elephant population in the Mara as human development continues to expand into the traditional elephant rangelands.

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We save and protect the African elephant population in the Mara by combatting the ruthless operations of poachers and fostering positive human-elephant relations.

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Tanzania Rapid Response Operation By MEP CEO Marc Goss
On April 28, 2017 I got a call from the Mara Conservancy Administrator David Aruasa reporting that two elephants were caught in farms on the Kenya/Tanzania border outside of the Mara Triangle portion of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. David reported that the ranger team from the Ngerare post tried to get the elephants out of the farms but they were met with a large number of frustrated community members after the elephants had moved into Tanzania farms.                         … Continue reading.
2016 MEP Annual Helicopter Report
Mara Elephant Project has just released the 2016 Annual Helicopter Report which details all of the flight hours the helicopter has completed in 2016. Annual Helicopter Report 2016 2017 is the first year in history that the Maasai Mara in Kenya has had a dedicated helicopter for conservation. In 2015 Karsten Ree, owner of Karen Blixen Camp, purchased a new Robinson R44 Raven II in the USA and sent it to Kenya; around that same time he sent Mara Elephant Project (MEP) CEO Marc Goss to the U.S.… Continue reading.
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