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Protecting elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem

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The international demand for ivory from elephant tusks is growing. As more elephants die poaching becomes an even more profitable business. Poaching and increasing levels of human-elephant conflict threaten the elephant population in the Mara as human development continues to expand into the traditional elephant rangelands.

Diminishing Space

We save and protect the African elephant population in the Mara by combatting the ruthless operations of poachers and fostering positive human-elephant relations.

Elephant Tracking
Anti-Poaching Patrols & Rapid Response Units
Human-Elephant Conflict Management
Multi-Species Habitat Use & Distribution Outside Protected Areas
Emily giving her presentation with MEP CEO Marc Goss in the audience.  On July 31, Mara Elephant Project CEO Marc Goss attended a presentation about multi-species habitat use and distribution outside of protected area in the Maasai Mara landscape given by a Mara Cheetah Project student Emily Madsen. Emily is focusing her M.Sc. thesis on assessing distributions of wildlife outside of the protected areas and in a relatively short amount of time, two months, she was able to put together a well … Continue reading.
MEP June & July Report: Record HEC Response
There was little rain in the months of June and July, which paired with local farmer’s harvesting ripened crops, lead to the 78 human-elephant conflict incidents MEP responded to over the last two months. That’s the highest number in a two-month period we’ve ever had! We can report five elephant carcasses in June and July, three of which were a direct result of conflict. CEO Marc Goss using the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter to move an elephant out of a farm. Mara Elephan… Continue reading.
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