Welcome to MEP’s New Website

Welcome to the new and improved www.maraelephantproject.org. This website is a culmination of months of work to bring you the best representation of what Mara Elephant Project (MEP) is doing to fulfill our mission. This will become a great place to visit regularly for updates on MEP activities, new findings and current happenings around the Mara. We want this website to represent the challenges MEP faces on a daily basis so you can celebrate the wins with us but also see the great losses we endure when fighting for African elephants.

Let us walk you through; we wanted to piece together the site to reflect the MEP Method and highlight our process for saving African elephants in the Mara.GIF Walking Elephant

Our Organization is the keystone from which we run MEP and it allows us to do everything we are capable of doing in the Mara. We want you to get to know who we are and organizations we partner with so that you can understand the strong character behind MEP. Our Mission cannot be fulfilled without Our Team and Our Partners.

Now that you know us a little better, get to know The Crisis we are facing in the Mara. We want you to get familiar with the Mara region of Africa where MEP operates as well as our elephants and ecosystem so that you can see the bigger picture of why it’s so vital we save this keystone species. The Crisis is vast but we’ve broken it down for you into our main focuses: Poaching and Diminishing Space that are at the root of human-elephant conflict.

The crisis seems insurmountable but do not fear; we have a plan. Our Approach, what we like to call, The MEP Method, has been tested and proven time and time again as both effective and efficient in protecting Mara’s elephants. The MEP Method begins with elephant tracking. Near real-time positioning collars is the basis for all of our anti-poaching and human-elephant conflict responses. The information gathered allows us to deploy our highly trained Rapid Response Units and helps inform our Anti-Poaching Patrols.

Human-Elephant Conflict Management is also vital to The MEP Method and by using innovative techniques and technologies like chili fences and drones we can protect both elephants and the people of the Mara. We are also intensely aware that the involvement of the Mara community it key to saving the elephants. We partner with the local community through our Maasai ranger and local education programs both which make sure we are involved with engaging and educating the community.

Though MEP is a relatively young organization, our Results over the last 5 years have been impressive in reducing poaching of the elephants in the Mara. Our aggressive response to the anti-poaching effort has allowed us in 2016 to focus more on human-elephant conflict management with innovations like chili fences, drones and more community involvement.

The Resources page is where you’ll find all of the latest articles, stats and reports from MEP and our partners.

Mara Elephant Project LogoFinally, the most important page, the DONATE page. We still need your support to keep our very important organization moving forward. Without your support, elephants die. This species deserves to thrive.