Mara Elephant Project’s partner, Tusk, is launching the Time for Change initiative ahead of the CITES meeting starting September 24 in Johannesburg, South Africa. During the upcoming CITES meeting, member parties will make decisions that will impact trade in wildlife products such as ivory and rhino horn; affecting their price, demand and legal status. The decisions that are being made later this month will affect the future of Africa’s wildlife, which is why Tusk decided to take a stand and say it’s time for change.


Prince William


On September 22, atop the Shard in London, The Duke of Cambridge will support Britain’s proposal to ban all sales of ivory, which are not backed by proof that the item is over 70 years old.

Watch The Duke of Cambridge’s speech live at 7:30 a.m. EST or 12:30 p.m. BST.




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Tusk has done an excellent job of explaining the role of the 7th Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and what proposals are under review. Read Here

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